Rare Diseases


Barsian Darou is committed to bring to market novel products for the treatment of rare and ultra-rare diseases, with a focus on serious, debilitating genetic diseases. We have built a diverse list of product candidates with the potential to address diseases for which the unmet medical need is high, the biology for treatment is clear, and for which there are no approved therapies. We are passionate about improving patients’ quality of life and are well on the way to becoming leaders in rare mitochondrial and neuromuscular disorders.

In the last years, rare and ultra-rare diseases have attracted worldwide more and more attention. However, there is no universal definition of a rare disease: In Japan the term “orphan disease” describes a condition with a prevalence of 2.5 cases per 10,000 population; in the US 7 cases per 10,000 population. In Europe, an orphan disease is defined as a disorder that affects 5 or less per 10,000 populations. Despite of their rarity some ultra-rare diseases are treatable.

We are dedicated to search for potential treatments and accelerate the access of Iranian patients to the effective medicines for overlooked, life-altering rare diseases.