Infectious diseases


Barsian Darou aims to extend its impact in Iran market with searching for meaningful innovations in new therapeutic areas. Infectious diseases are a scourge to humanity dating back to our prehistoric ancestors. Early in the 20th century, another viral pathogen known as the Spanish flu rapidly killed 50 to 100 million globally. We are still combating a viral pandemic in the form of HIV/AIDS, which first appeared in the 1980s. Currently, over 22 million people have died from AIDS and there are more than 42 million people living with HIV/AIDS worldwide. There are no commercially available drugs for treating HIV latency, i.e., eradicating or curing HIV.

So, among infectious diseases, HIV remains a significant medical challenge. We are committed to pursuing a shift in the HIV treatment paradigm by collaborating with a well-known partner to bring to Iran’s market new HIV treatments and fixed-dose regimens.

The year 2017 marks 21 years since combination-based antiretroviral therapy (ART) first demonstrated durable, effective and sustained HIV control. An unprecedented period of drug discovery followed, and advances in viral load and resistance technology made HIV, one of the most individualized infections to manage.

Looking forward, the next ten years will need drug development to become more advanced and here in Barsian Darou, we work on compounds that hint at these possibilities.