Barsian Darou participation in 6th international Iranian Heart Failure Summit

Barsian Darou participation in 6th international Iranian Heart Failure Summit


Event date: 9th to 11th May 2018

Location: Shahid Beheshti University Conference Center, Tehran, Iran


Barsian Darou was honored to have the opportunity to participate in “6th international Iranian Heart Failure Summit” that was hold on 9th to 11th May, 2018 at Shahid Beheshti University Conference Center, Tehran, Iran.


Barsian Darou had proudly supported the lecture of Professor Stephan von Haehling from Germany titled “Iron deficiency in heart failure: Time for action”, during the panel of Metabolic Disease that took place in Allame Tabatabaei hall on the first day of 6th international Iranian Heart Failure Summit (9th May 2018, 15:10-15:30).


Also, Barsian Darou was one of the main pharmaceutical companies actively present in the congress exhibition center’s program. So, all the scientific questions regarding to Barsian Darou’s products were fully addressed in the booth.


Event Summary:

The 6th international Iranian Heart Failure Summit which was hold on May 2018, was definitely a great opportunity for the regional and international experts and thought holders in the field of Heart Failure, to receive the latest information on Heart Failure.

In the 6th International Iranian Heart Failure Summit, the professors of opinion gathered in order to provide the chance to present recent scientific subjects and achievements, new ways of diagnosis and modern equipment and facilities used in diagnosis of illnesses and cure of patients.

As Heart Failure spreads, the way to approach the patients, treatment modalities in advanced heart failure and the importance of follow-up treatment after being discharged from the hospital, are all of great significance. Amongst the main topics discussed in the Summit were identification of high risk patients, measures to take in order to support them and understanding new pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic treatments. Also, the issue of important risk factors such as hypertension, hyperlipidemia and diabetes in Heart Failure were fully addressed.

This international event provided the opportunity to exchange information and scientific achievements by taking advantage of the experiences of the local and international professors in a friendly and scientific ambience.


Objectives of 6th international Iranian Heart Failure Summit

  • To improve the scientific level of professors, cardiologists, other related specialists, general physicians, specialized and professional residents and nurses.
  • To be informed of the latest global advancements in prevention, diagnosis and cure of Heart Failure.
  • To introduce the significant advances of The Islamic Republic of Iran in specialized fields such as cardiology to other countries and scientific centers.
  • To create scientific interactions between Iranian and foreign research groups and societies.


Main topics that were discussed during this event :

-Acute heart failure, diagnosis and cure

-Advanced heart failure

-Cardiomyopathies with special interest in Amyloidosis

-Novel medical treatments

-Hypertension, kidney and heart failure

-Diabetes, and heart failure

-Increased thromboembolic pulmonary arterial hypertension

-Heart and multi-organ transplant

-Arrhythmias in heart failure


Organizing Committee Of this event:

President of congress:  Babak Sharif-kashani, M.D.

Scientific Secretary of congress: Saeed Alipour Parsa, M.D.

Executive Secretary of congress: Ahmad Amin, M.D.


Introducing Professor Stephan von Haehling

Stephan von Haehling is a consultant cardiologist and Associate Professor of Medicine at the Department of Cardiology and Pneumology at the University Medical Center Göttingen, Germany. He obtained his MD at the Institute of Immunology at Charité Medical School, Berlin, Germany. His PhD was awarded by Imperial College, London, UK after he completed studies into inflammatory mechanisms of heart failure at the National Heart and Lung Institute in London. Dr. von Haehling has authored more than 300 original research papers, review articles, and editorials and serves on several editorial boards, including Journal of Cachexia, Sarcopenia and Muscle, ESC Heart Failure, Clinical Science, Expert Opinion on Investigational Drugs and Archives of Medical Science. Dr von Haehling is Fellow of the European Society of Cardiology. His research interests include the pathophysiology of heart failure, muscle wasting, biomarkers, and novel treatments.


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